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Lucia, Mackenzie, and Deb on the Midlands Road between Watheroo and Moora

The ADSA Walk for 2016 started in Geraldton this year with a walk along the Geraldton Foreshore to the official start line set up next to the historic Champion Bay Surf Lifesaving Station. The ADSA Walk Team started walking from our accommodation at the Geraldton Camp School as the cruise ship Sun Princess was approaching the port making it a picturesque walk to the Foreshore on a pristine Sunday in Geraldton.

ADSA Members, friends, and supporters who were unable to join us there for the walk down to the Foreshore were waiting at the ADSA Walk

ADSA WALK 2016 –

Mandurah Coastal Times 12 September 2016

The West Australian on 12 July 2016

Master Plumber WA Magazine 14 September 2016

ADSA Walk Photo Gallery

ADSA Facebook

Midwest Times 7 December 2016
Surf Lifesaving Station. When we arrived at the
Foreshore we all eagerly gathered ready to cross the official start line together. Joan sounding the siren officially started the ADAS Walk 2016 and everyone crossed the start line excited to have the walking underway.

Thank you to all the Geraldton locals who joined us to make a memorable start our 5th annual ADSA Walk for Research and Awareness.

ADSA Walk 2016 – Geraldton Camp School

Walking to the starting line

Walking to the starting line with the Sun Princess following us into Geraldton

ADSA Walk 2016 official start line on the Geraldton Foreshore

Please read on for the daily log.

Monday 12 September 2016

The ADSA Walk hit the road on Monday morning with everyone doing their first 5km or 10km between Dongara and Mingenew on the Midlands Road. This was also the first costume change for the dynamic duo Deb and Lucia aka Team Fig Jams. With a new costume for each 10km section their first selection included this fabulous 'Where's Wally' theme; click on this link to the ADSA Walk 2016 Photo Gallery to see all their costumes!

Lucia & Deb – Team Fig Jams

Dean and Ross doing their first 10kms

Simone bumps into her Aunty Sue and Uncle Paul in Mingenew

Conditions were sunny, but the wind was unseasonably strong and cold even for the locals we met along the road. We had lunch in Mingenew where Simone had a lovely surprise running into her Uncle Paul and Aunty Sue, what a small world!! The day ended in Three Springs after which we headed off to our accommodation at the delightful Western Flora Caravan Park.

Tuesday 13 September 2016

Bev, Ross, Lidia, and our first white Everlastings

On Monday night Brett met us at the Western Flora Caravan Park so that he could join us for Tuesday. We started to see our first large patches of pink and white everlastings! The weather was brilliant making everyone cheerful and energised. Verity and Lucia started a very serious competition to see who could gather the most honks from passing traffic.

At our accommodation in Eneabba the star viewing was incredible with clear dark skies. However, they were out shone by Randall's Stellar Paella!

Verity, Aida, Sarah, and a field of white Everlastings

Brett and Dean

The ADSA Walkers meet Wheat Bag Man

Wednesday 14 September 2016

We pack up in Eneabba and head back to the Midlands Road to start in Coorow everyone focused and ready to tackle another day on our long walk. The ADSA Walk Team were rewarded with a beautiful display of pink everlastings by the roadside and gorgeous weather.

Kaitlin, Evan, and pink Everlastings!!!

Dave gives his support vehicle a makeover

Aloha from Maria, Lucia, Mackenzie, and Deb

During lunch we were joined by an 'L' plate ADSA Walk Team member an intrepid young trekker who is an absolute delight. More fantastic costumes made the kms melt away for Team Fig Jams. Asbestos Awareness starts with an understanding of the impact of asbestos exposure and with word passing around the local towns that the ADSA Walk Team was on the road drivers were pulling over to make donations and to talk about why we were walking.

Maria has a surprise visit from family in Moora

The days walking ended in shady Moora. Everyone had time to explore the town and then after a leisurely boarding of the coach we headed to our final accommodation the Orchid Glory Farm Resort in Bindoon. Joost from of the National Centre for Asbestos Related Diseases (NCARD), University of Western Australia joined us in the evening ready to take on 10kms in the morning and be part of the end of the country road walking.

Thursday 15 September 2016

On Thursday morning we woke up nestled in the hills of Bindoon under a fluffy doona of drifting mist. Spirits were high and the fellowship of the ADSA Walkers was strong as everyone knew this would be our last day together. One more sleep and we would all be in Perth.

Dawn at Orchid Glory Farm Resort, Bindoon

We all missed Shirley on the ADSA Walk this year and we sent her this message via text. Lindsay added to the message and was keen to do another photo for Shirley.

Lindsay in the dining area of Orchid Glory Farm Resort

Bull Riding in Mogumber

Holding up the Coach for a photo opportunity in Mogumber

Mackenzie, Deb, and Silly String

The A Team – Billy, Garry, and Lindsay

Maria, Lyn and one the many outstanding farm gates on our travels

Tony and Dave at the end of Wildflower Country

Lunch at the Bindoon Bakehaus & Café

With a quick photo stop in Mogumber we headed back to Moora to finish the country road walking. We had a booking for lunch at the Bindoon Bakehaus & Café for 12:30pm so everyone was eager to do their kms and celebrate the amazing Team effort conquering all the kms between Geraldton and Perth and more. Robert, Rose Marie, and Melita joined us at the Bindoon Bakehaus for lunch and to congratulate everyone on their excellent achievement.

In the evening Randall, James and Ron put on a fantastic dinner while the ADSA Walk Team took some time to reflect and share their experiences. The comradery and friendship that comes from sharing the challenge of walking the distance is special and it touches everyone.

Friday 16 September 2016

The last day of the ADSA Walk 2016 started at the Midland Train Station with everyone taking the train into the Wellington Street Train Station in Perth. We were were met by Prof Anna Nowak, Prof Bruce Robinson, their medical research Teams, ADSA supporters, family and friends, for the walk up to Solidarity Park behind Parliament House.

Everyone at the Wellington Street Train Station, Perth

Forrest Place, Perth

A breather at the Barrack Arch is a good group photo opportunity

Harvest Terrace, Perth

Group Photo

Prof Anna Nowak addresses the crowd

Verity and Alizha sounding the siren and officially ending the ADSA Walk 2016

Last group photo for the ADSA Walk Team and everything is


Thank you to:

Thank you to Prof Anna Nowak, Prof Bruce Robinson, and Robert Vojakovic AM, for their

kind words addressing the ADSA Walk Team their families, friends, and supporters, at the

winding up the ADSA Walk 2016. Also a big thank you to Dr Greg Deleuil, Slater & Gordon,

the CFMEU, the AWU, the Research Team from QEII and NCARD, ADSA Staff, friends,

family, supporters, and of course the ADSA Walk Team.

Special thanks to:

Garry our irreplaceable Pilot Driver.

Joan and Bev the wonderful ADSA Walk Team Coordinators

Randall, James, and Ron of Randall's Roasts our fabulous cooks

Sheila and David our indefatigable volunteers (and sandwich makers)

Dave our tireless Support Driver

Lidia for all her generosity

Bruce our excellent driver from West Coast Bus Charter

Slater & Gordon



Master Plumbers and Gas Fitters Association

Master Decorators Association

Osborne Park Pharmacy


EmbroidMe Perth CBD

Tony's House of Tender Meats

Montello Gourmet Deli and Mondo Doro

Geraldton Camp School

Western Flora Caravan Park

Orchid Glory Farm Resort

Contact Simone at the ADSA Office on (08) 9344 4077 or by email: if you have any questions.

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