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dedicated community support, advocacy and public health awareness since 1979

The Asbestos Diseases Society of Australia Inc.


The Asbestos Diseases Society of Australia (Inc) (the Society) is a caring, non-profit, charitable organisation which was founded in 1979 to pursue the following broad objectives:

  • Providing counselling and support services to those who develop asbestos-related diseases and their families
  • Providing economic assistance to those who suffer financial hardship or social disadvantage as a result of contracting asbestos-related illness
  • Political Lobbying and advocacy in asbestos-related matters
  • Fundraising for medical research and support services for asbestos diseases victims and their families
  • Raising community awareness of the dangers associated with asbestos in the community, and providing information thereon as requested

In 1984 the Society set up Asbestos Diseases Advisory Services (ADAS) in response to a perceived demand for independent advice and assistance in asbestos related issues.

  • Medico/Legal matters (including Workers Compensation/Common Law)
  • Industrial and Environmental Hygiene
  • Dissemination of the latest medical and scientific research information on asbestos related issues from worldwide sources

The Society and ADAS are both part of an independent non-profit charitable structure. With the exception of a small annual grant from Western Australian Government, both are self funded and are not affiliated with, or supported by, any commercial or other Government bodies. Any funds in excess or operating expenses are directed towards medical research or any other urgent needs of the asbestos victims and their families.

Over the years the Society and ADAS have broadened network of scientific and medical contacts through the world. These contacts are individuals and organisations who specialise in particular areas of asbestos related research and other issues. The Society and ADASregularly communicates with these experts for a special advice where it does not have the professional experience or resources to deal with a particular issue.

In the past thirty one years, the Society and ADAS have developed a breadth of experience and expertise in asbestos related issues that is unparalleled in Australia. The Society and ADAS are vigilantly keeping up to date with the latest medical and scientific developments associated with asbestos matters to advance the scope of its aims and objectives.

The Society and ADAS are being widely recognised for its large library and database on matters associated with asbestos, its risk and diseases.
At present the Society membership is exceeding 14,500 and sadly will continue to rise due to the epidemic of asbestos caused Mesothelioma, lung cancer, asbestosis and pleural diseases.

All services provided by the Society and ADAS are absolutely free. All donations are welcome and tax deductable and will be greatly appreciated.  Public support and donations have enabled the Society to assist thousands of sufferers over the last 30 years and your continued support only enhances developments to date in medical research and life saving treatments and related services to the community.