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Welcome to our services contents page, where you can discover the range of offerings tailored to meet your needs. From medical consultations to support groups and educational resources, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive assistance and care throughout your journey. Explore our services below to learn how we can support you.

Our Services
Our Services:

Medical Support

Asbestos-related diseases can affect anyone in the community due to exposure, whether occupational or non-occupational. Our onsite Doctor, Dr. Peter Brockhoff, specializes in asbestos-related diseases and provides medical support, screenings, and referrals to help detect symptoms early and prevent further exposure. Contact us today for a health check and proactive management of potential risks associated with asbestos exposure.
Our Services:

Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services, provided by Asbestos Diseases Advisory Services (ADAS), offer independent guidance and assistance in asbestos-related matters, including medical screenings, legal support, counselling, and environmental hygiene information, all offered free of charge.
Our Services:

Support Groups

Our support groups at ADSA provide a nurturing environment for members to connect, receive expert updates, and find emotional and spiritual support, along with opportunities for volunteering and community events.
Our Services:

Medico-Legal Counselling

Nurse Practitioner Deirdre Louw, Community Support Officer Antonella Conte, and their team offer close support and guidance to asbestos disease victims and families, providing emotional assistance, legal navigation, and bereavement support. Through regular support group meetings, they offer valuable information on treatment advancements and create a supportive space for sharing experiences, aiding patients in managing their emotions and empowering them to navigate their journey effectively.
Our Services:

Medical Research

Addressing the challenge of finding a prevention or cure for asbestos-related diseases is critical in modern medicine. Australia boasts world-leading researchers in this field, yet inadequate funding from government sources hampers progress. Urgent action is needed from Federal and State governments to adequately fund research efforts, potentially saving countless lives affected by asbestos exposure.

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