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Medico-Legal Counselling

Nurse Practitioner Deirdre Louw, Community Support Officer Antonella Conte, and their team work very closely with victims and their families, providing emotional support and guidance on their journey, as well as navigating legal issues arising from their exposure and lastly bereavement.

The team run regular support group meetings for mesothelioma sufferers, providing information on the latest treatment protocols and an opportunity to share their journey with others. The meetings have come a long way in 30 years, with survival rates increasing among sufferers as researchers learn more about managing the diseases progression.

Effects of Blame on Patient Attitudes 

Anger and blame are usual responses when one is diagnosed with debilitating terminal disease like mesothelioma.

Some patients are resentful that they will die from mesothelioma, and some will express uncontrollable anger. Some may contemplate retribution. Some patients will blame their employer, product manufacturers, construction of their holiday homes from asbestos products, renovations or additions to the home.

The Management of Blame

Anger and blame can be counterproductive unless properly managed, and mesothelioma patients must be encouraged to express their negative feelings. If anger and blame persist, the patient must be referred for additional counselling. However, if correctly managed, patients can come to terms with their diagnoses, helping themselves and their loved ones in troubling circumstances.

The Effect of Litigation on Patient Attitudes

  • Making a compensation claim is important.
  • Lodging a damages claim is taking action.
  • Being part of litigation usually has positive effects on mesothelioma and patients. Managed correctly, litigation and proving accountability of whoever might be to blame for a dying patient’s disease and plight will be beneficial to a dying patient and the community in general.

Beneficial Effects of Litigation on Patients 

  • Dying asbestos disease patients have equal rights to those of other citizens, they just need more help, understanding, patience, and care. Successful resolution of a claim affords a dying patient comfort and peace of mind.
  • Helps to ensure that financial pressures are eased.
  • Provides the patient with some choice as to care options during illness.
  • Helps provide for family members left behind.

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