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Advisory Services

The Asbestos Diseases Advisory Service
of Australia

Asbestos Diseases Advisory Services

In 1984, the ADSA set up Asbestos Diseases Advisory Services (ADAS) in response to a perceived demand for independent advice and assistance in asbestos-related issues. Founders Robert and Rose Marie Vojakovic saw that asbestos disease sufferers and their families needed ongoing support medically, socially and emotionally. This important service continues today, led by Nurse Practitioner Deirdre Louw (pictured left) and Community Support Officer Antonella Conte. They provide:

  • Health screenings for asbestos and dust-related diseases, including low dose CT scans, ultrasound, and breathing (spirometry) tests. These are all bulk billed.
  • Medical and legal support
  • Counselling and support groups
  • Industrial and environmental hygiene information

Both the ADSA and ADAS are part of an independent non-profit charitable structure. With the exception of a small annual grant from Western Australian Government, both are self-funded and are not affiliated with, or supported by, any commercial or other Government bodies. Any funds in excess or operating expenses are directed towards medical research or any other urgent needs of the asbestos sufferers and their families.

Nurse Practitioner Deirdre Louw

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