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ADSA Comprehensive Care

For almost 50 years the ADSA has been providing comprehensive care to members and their families. Early sufferers did not have the benefit of their diagnoses being acknowledged for social security benefits, workers’ compensation, and indeed, general care and support from the community and their employers. The ADSA intervened, advocating for asbestosis diseases to be recognised for the purposes of social security benefits and legislative change to deliver fair and just compensation and establish a foundation for future medical research.

The ADSA supports you and your family from screening, diagnosis, treatment (including information on the latest treatment trials), compensation information, palliative care through to your legacy.

  • What to Expect

    When referred to the ADSA by your specialist or GP you and your family will be supported and given access to wide range of medical and legal support.

    Our GP and Nurse Practitioner specialize in dust diseases, offering expertise in diagnosis, treatment, and compassionate care. They are here to address your concerns, manage your health needs, and provide invaluable pastoral support throughout your journey.

    Benefit from the expertise of ADSA’s seasoned legal professionals, renowned for their extensive experience navigating asbestos legislation and advocating for the rights of asbestos victims. With a deep understanding of the legal landscape surrounding asbestos-related issues, our team is committed to achieving justice and compensation for those affected by asbestos exposure.

  • Support Groups

    At ADSA, we offer a comprehensive range of support services to assist you throughout your journey:

    • Regular support groups and meetings provide a nurturing environment for sharing experiences and receiving peer support.
    • Information sessions with leading specialists and allied health professionals offer valuable insights and guidance on managing dust diseases.
    • We provide referrals to specialists and supportive care providers, ensuring you have access to the best possible care tailored to your needs.
    • Our team also offers assistance in accessing allied health services, ensuring you have access to a holistic approach to your care.
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Book a Comprehensive Care Appointment

Schedule your health check today to assess any potential risks associated with asbestos exposure and to monitor for symptoms of asbestos-related diseases. Our experienced team will conduct thorough examinations to ensure your health and well-being.