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Asbestos In The Australian News

ADSA has put together a collection of news articles that cover asbestos-related topics in the mainstream news.

When dust ends in death: How asbestos devastated Wittenoom

It was at the bottom of her driveway at Wittenoom. The cheeky one was her nephew, Philip Noble, with another Wittenoom kid, Ross Munro, who was a year or so younger.


The Wittenoom family photo which lays bare horror of asbestos-related disease

Bronwen Duke is confronted by the harrowing impact of asbestos-related disease every time she looks at a family photo.Ms Duke, 59, has lost 13 family members from mesothelioma or asbestosis over four decades.She was born in Wittenoom, where many of her relatives worked in and around the now infamous asbestos mine.


Osborne Park: refurbished and ‘sophisticated’ Asbestos Diseases Society of Australia centre opens

MESOTHELIOMA sufferers can access better treatment options following upgrades to an Osborne Park facility. The Asbestos Diseases Society of Australia (ADSA) has refurbished its Main Street premises with a $25,000 State Government grant.


A memorial honours the many people who died because of Wittenoom’s asbestos history

“My father died when I was 14 and it pretty much hit home then what was going on," Ms Bolitho said. “We all knew it was from asbestos, then I started losing uncles and then my granddads."


Wittenoom plaque aid to reflection

Bronwen Duke is confronted by the harrowing impact of asbestosrelated disease every time she looks at a family photo. Ms Duke, 59, has lost 13 family members from mesothelioma or asbestosis over four decades.


2011 WA Senior Australian of the Year: Robert Vojakovic AM

Robert Vojakovic has devoted the last 32 years to helping victims of asbestos related diseases. In 1961, Robert spent some time working at the infamous CSR blue asbestos mine at Wittenoom.


The blue ghosts of Wittenoom

Blue death permeates the Pilbara. It blows with the scorching winds across the vast north-west inland area of Western Australia, washing with the wet-season rains through the Fortescue River floodplains.


Pilbara rail line could pose asbestos risk

A Pilbara council claims people could be exposed to potentially lethal asbestos if Rio Tinto is allowed to build a railway line through a controlled area near Wittenoom to service one of its ore mines.

Indigenous West Australians have highest death rate for asbestos-related disease: study

Indigenous West Australians have the highest death rate for malignant mesothelioma in the world, a study into asbestos-related diseases has found.