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Month: November 2023

Australia’s Chernobyl – PerthNow

Ignorant influencers slammed for risking their lives to holiday in asbestos-riddled Wittenoom

Budding influencers have astounded medical professionals by holidaying in an asbestos-riddled WA town to impress their social media followers. While West Australians are being encouraged to “wander out yonder” some holidaymakers have been taking themselves to the notoriously dangerous town of Wittenoom in an ignorant bid for Instagram likes. Pictures of travellers doing yoga and a young family in front of a camp fire are among the risky pictures being taken in the town which is deemed so harmful it’s been wiped off WA maps.

National Centre of Asbestos Related Diseases advisory chair Melita Markey has slammed the holidaymakers for putting themselves and others at risk for the sake of a photograph…

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